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Frequently Asked Questions

Before getting in touch with us, please review the answers to some frequently asked questions below:

I’m worried about being scammed, what should I do?

Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem. Many scammers will claim to be expert Forex or cryptocurrency traders and many brokers that seem to be legitimate are not. Please see our page on Forex Trading Scams for more information.

Can you help me choose a Forex broker?

Our website exists to help traders find the right Forex broker for them. We do this by reviewing brokers and pointing out their advantages and disadvantages and unique selling points. But we cannot ultimately tell you which broker you should trade with. We will always post warnings on the reviews of brokers we do not recommend due to poor regulation or a high volume of complaints. 

Do you work for a Forex broker? Can you get in touch with a Forex broker for me?

We are an independent company and are not affiliated with Forex brokers. While we do partner with brokers and may earn a commission when you use our links, we do not work for any broker and we cannot contact them on your behalf.

Can you trade for me?

TradeForexSA is a Forex broker review site and not an investment adviser. It is illegal for us to provide any trading advice or to take your money to provide to a broker. Many brokers offer copy-trading services, where you can copy the trades of other more experienced traders. Please see our page dedicated to the best brokers for copy-trading for more information.